food receipts, which can be used for bar and restaurants and fast food like subways, salads, mexican foods

mainly for fast food receipts. can use for Pizza, ice creams, burger, salad bars many more

Create Fake Food Receipts Online

09 Feb 2016

Fast food receipts templates can have used to generate receipts which can be used to same or similar for Ice cream shop receipts, pizza receipts, burger receipts, sandwich, bars, pubs, restaurants, food buffet menus, drinks, can supports different currency and tax types. You can find the fast food receipt templates here.

Receipt templates are so flexible which can accommodate any customizable food receipts. Also comes with varies format types which are used in most of the food place to generate these receipts. We have considered hundreds of varies receipts and come up with different combination of templates which can generate receipts satisfy majority needs.

It comes with default setting and prepopulate certain values which makes customers easy to fill only needed information. It makes it quicker way of generating the values. All customer need to do it choose the right template with default setting and capture required details to populate. Even if customer want to change different font types and font sizes and alignment (left or right or top..etc) based on the need. Templates are very flexible and which will accommodate it.

Most of the templates also to choose the customized images (it allows to load the images from local desktop). If user don’t want to load images, just press “X” button next to image, so that same space can be used to add only the text business name. Or use to can choose image and text business name so both will be shown.

Food receipts does also support itemized taxes and itemized food items to choose. In case of tax section, for each new row you will (+) plus sign below. By clicking the “+” it will add the same tax row, user can add as many taxes they want and choose the specific tax description from the drop down. Drop drown will have predefined taxes which can support many countries. If you see any specific tax item was missing, please let us know, we will add to the master list.

Just like taxes, online receipt maker does support for the itemized items. It gives flexibility to add any description as a food item and capture the quantity and price for each item.

Online receipt generator also supports multiple currencies, please choose the currency type from payment section, same currency will be applicable to throughout the receipt template.