Our UI is very interactive, what you see, what you get. It is a quick way of creating new receipts. UI has many dynamic features. You can create duplicate / fake receipts just like original receipts by choosing different options.

We recommend using google chrome, IE Edge or FireFox. If you see any issues, please clean up the cache / history and if you still see the issue then use google chrome.

There are chances that we might lose / miss original receipts, and you may need to submit these expenses to your company or authorized finance department to claim the expenses. Without receipts chance of losing the money. Because many companies they need original receipts and they won’t take or accept credit card bills.

No, we don’t recommend / suggest. We recommend to keep proof of your purchases. As a company, our intention is to support genuine customers who lost their actual / original bills and want to claim with their company. As a company, we don’t take any responsibilities of misuse or any kind of allegations from company or individuals or govt or finance or tax ..etc. All the responsibilities goes to individuals who submit the receipts for claims. Please make sure to keep proofs of your purchases for your own safety to avoid troubles.

Yes, absolutely.

Yes, for now.

It was built by considering customer convince. Users can drag and drop the images into the editor screen, resize the images (make the images smaller or bigger at user convenience) and move images around to align in the places and right sizes. Once all adjustments are done, select download png image to download into a single image with all the consolidated images at one place. This is a very useful feature while submitting the expenses for claiming.

No, you can use any images (which generated outside or through for consolidated purpose.

We recommend 10 to 15 images (consolidated images size should be less than 500 KB). If you have more images, we recommend doing it in multiple cycles. We never tested more than 10 to 15 images at a given time. System might behave incorrectly if you load more than specification.

No, we don’t. we delete the data right after user downloaded it. We don’t keep track our who created what receipts. There is no way we can retrieve the previously created receipt / images.

No, because we trust / believe our customers use created images for genuine purpose. We don’t take any responsibility about the misuse, also we don’t capture created receipts in the system. That is not our business model. All the responsibilities should take care by the customer.

We don’t store any customer credit card or any privacy information in our system. We strictly follow the standards to protect our client information. We don’t sell our customer data for any 3rd party companies.

All our communications are encrypted between browser and servers.

Yes, we store all encrypted detailed at server. No one can decrypt the data.